Overview of the Jewels of Adoria

The creators of the novel slot Gems of Adoria, NetEnt, don’t give anything away. The genre is up for grabs, and it might be anything from’sci-fi fantasy’ to something else different. As far as we can tell, Gems of Adoria is a one-of-a-kind slot that makes use of NetEnt’s new Real Time 3D graphics engine. It’s visually appealing and unlike anything you’ve seen before. There’s so much new content in Gems of Adoria that the slot machine really needs to be played to get the whole experience, but we’ll do our best to describe it here.

The Real Time 3D gadget is the main talking point, as it allows a slanted perspective of the 5-reel, 3-row grid and the ability to spin the camera around at various angles. The game appears like it was made using the Unity game engine, which makes it simple, yet modern at the same time. It’s unclear where the story actually takes place. The framing grid almost has a tribal feel to it, and when the camera moves around you may catch a peek of the islands floating in the distance.

Sound effects that could have been lifted from a Daniel Deluxe album add to the film’s enigmatic atmosphere. The retro-wave sound brings to mind a dystopian future in which people’s only hope for survival is to improve the efficiency of the algorithm that controls their life. That’s the spirit anyway. In any case, the tunes are pleasant, and the sound effects are a great complement to the bold, hefty icons.

Large symbols in Gems of Adoria feature 8 normal tiles, split into 4 low and 4 high pays, and may be played on desktop and mobile devices for 10 p/c to $/€200 every spin. They’re all colorful gems, with metallic edges to distinguish the higher payouts from the lower ones.

Three or more of any symbol on any of the game’s 15 fixed paylines is required to win, and a full house is worth anything from 2.5 times to 15 times the wager. Despite its reliance on a steady stream of minor wins to keep players involved, Gems of Adoria offers fair rewards at best. This equates to a mathematical model with minimal volatility and an RTP of 96.13% and a hit frequency of 22.1%. The emphasis is on slow and steady, with a few added twists to spice things up.

Adoria’s Treasures: A Look Inside

The utilization of wilds is a primary mechanic in Gems of Adoria. The usual symbol for wilds is a large letter “W” in bright red and gold, suggesting a luggage with the message “look at me, I travel.” The wild’s primary function is to complete winning combinations by standing in for any of the pay symbols.

The Striking Wilds function relies heavily on wild symbols. When this bonus round is in play, the camera shifts to a lower, left-hand perspective, and anything from two to nine wild symbols appear on the reels at random. The Striking Wilds feature frequently produces wild stacks that assist eject a few coins.

The next unpredictable factor is the reversal of symbols. The mechanics of this one are a little more complicated to explain, but in short, anything from two to five symbols in a sequence are chosen at random and flipped in one of two directions (vertically or horizontally). The good news is that you might get more than one chance to flip, and each time the prize might improve. Picture someone executing a Rubik’s cube motion on the grid to mix symbols up to have some understanding of the process.

Last up is the glowing orb scatter sign which can appear in any position. To win 10, 20, or 50 free spins, you need 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols to appear on the screen. Free Spins feature both Flipping Symbols and Striking Symbols, but otherwise are very similar to the main game.

Judgment on the Jewels of Adoria

It’s certainly unique. That’s something you have to provide Gems of Adoria. The mathematical model and potential do enough on their own to weed out unsuitable audiences, thus the Real Time 3D system does not run the danger of alienating individuals. If you don’t agree with the data, no amount of pretty pictures or expert presentation will change your mind.

Similarly, gamers who prefer a more measured approach to their sessions may find the full package to their liking. It could work if all you want to do is play some games in a laid-back setting, but if you have higher hopes, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Is the futuristic style of Gems of Adoria a preview of slot machines to come? Perhaps, the Real Time 3D effect is fascinating, and it will undoubtedly be implemented once more in the not-too-distant future. This being its first use, it feels like Gems of Adoria was a test run for the new optics, while other aspects of the game were an afterthought.

This is a rather non-traditional game, so don’t expect any big wins or excitement. Since maximum wins are typically around 500 times the investment, this makes them extremely unlikely. Don’t get your hopes up for Gems of Adoria just yet; those numbers are based on 140 billion spins in a simulated environment in NetEnt’s labs.

It appears that the main goal of Gems of Adoria is to allow the player to relax and zone out in an untroubled setting. That appeals to some people because it mimics the experience of taking a trip in a driverless automobile. For others, nothing beats getting their hands dirty and seeing the results of their labor. From an evolutionary perspective, the new visual system is interesting, but after a few test spins, you won’t feel much satisfaction.






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