Canada’s Online Gambling Industry Will Adapt to New Laws

People all throughout the world, not just in Canada, have wondered if it is legal to gamble online in Canada. This is a widespread concern because Canada’s regulatory framework for internet gambling is notoriously complex and inefficient. As things stand, many people are unsure whether or not it is legal for them to place wagers. Therefore, the correct response to the question “Is online gambling legal in Canada?” is “yes and no.” The provincial government of Ontario, however, has made an announcement that suggests a shift is imminent.

Local gamblers and operators have been calling for changes to Canada’s laws on internet gambling for a decade, and it looks like they’re finally going to get what they want. However, this modification applies only to a narrow aspect of the regulations. Single-game wagers in the realm of sports betting.


The Suggested Alterations

At the moment, parlay sports bets are the only ones that may be placed at Canadian online casinos. This means that any Canadian resident using one of the legitimate online casinos can only wager on sporting events using a parlay. To the chagrin of local gamblers, the only way sports betting is now legalized is through a parlay bet, which entails a series of wagers across a number of events.


However, the proposed change will legalize single event wagers, opening the door for Canadian internet casinos to provide this service. The Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission is currently considering establishing a new division to oversee the industry’s expansion into cyberspace. This new regulatory body will have the power to oversee legitimate third-party operators and iGaming platforms.


Eliminating the Black Market

Given the pervasiveness of the present grey market in internet gambling in Canada, many argue that the proposed new rules are more than a decade overdue. Since making single-event wagers through offshore operators is not technically illegal in Canada, many Canadians have been doing so. As a result, there is now a multibillion dollar “grey market.”


These billions would be promptly tapped by legitimate businesses operating in a legal, regulated market, putting an end to the underground economy in lightning speed. However, it is still unclear how large and pervasive the grey market actually is and whether or not it will immediately generate billions in additional revenue.






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