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At the point when slot kub you discuss the performer in the poker world, there is only one individual that rings a bell; just Antonio Esfandiari. So who is Antonio Esfandiari? Why is he valuable? This page has been devoted to him and we will investigate the life and exploit of this extraordinary poker player of constantly.

Who is Antonio Esfandiari?
Who else can perform like an entertainer in the event that not the entertainer himself? Prevalently known as ‘The Entertainer’, Antonio Esfandiari is quite possibly of the most entrancing player in the realm of poker. He was brought into the world as Amir Esfandiari on the eighth of December, 1978 in Tehran, Iran. He is an expert poker player and a previous expert performer.

Antonio was prevalently known for his refined chip stunts and he has turned into a uber hotshot locally of poker gaming. He was initially from Iran, Tehran, and later moved to San Jose, California, US with his family in the year 1988.

Antonio could scarcely communicate in the English language when he initially began school in the Unified State yet inside the time of a half year, he has taken in the language generally. He later moved on from Del Blemish Secondary School in the year 1997.

While growing up, Antonio Esfandiari was an ideal model understudy until he got to twelfth grade. Before his twelfth grade, he was generally dependable at school and extremely committed to his review. Be that as it may, he turned into a changed individual quickly he got to the twelfth grade in school. Starting here, he turned out to be profoundly engaged with celebrating.

He ventured out from home at 17 years old when he began definitely disapproving of his dad on his party way of life and before long got his own condo, which he paid for while tending to tables. He got vigorously engaged with party and soon, his condo turned into a party community. His pizazz for party firmly impacted his last semester in secondary school and this reflected in his outcome.

While tending to tables as a server, Antonio Esfandiari had his most memorable contact with sorcery. Between the tables, he saw a barkeep play out some enchanted stunt and he was incredibly dazzled. Right away, he went to a close by enchantment shop to ask how the stunt was performed. The proprietor of the enchanted shop was delighted to impart to him and showed him the strategy behind the sorcery.

Right now, Antonio got snared in sorcery and he was later to turn into a full time performer. He started to show his supernatural abilities as a server, performing gigs for tips. Inside a brief time frame, he found employment elsewhere as a server and went into ‘full time sorcery work’. At the early age of nineteen, he changed his name from Amir to Antonio which was conceived out of the craving to turn into an entertainer.

He firmly accepted that the name, Antonio is more enchanted when contrasted with Amir, as an entertainer. At the point when he began functioning as an entertainer, Antonio was rounding up somewhere in the range of $300 and $400 each hour performing enchantment. During this period, Antonio Esfandiari had an expert poker player as a flat mate. On a critical day, his flat mate mentioned that Antonio took a shot at poker game.

In spite of the fact that he was excessively youthful and unpracticed at the round of poker, he went on to win some cash during his most memorable competition. This was a defining moment in the profession of Antonio the entertainer; he got snared to poker game. So as well as causing hares to evaporate as an expert entertainer, he began bringing in cash vanish as an expert poker player.

Early Years as an Expert Poker Player
Antonio Esfandiari got his initial break into poker game when he was proceeding as a performer. He was welcome to play at a round of Texas Hold’em and this launched his vocation as an expert poker player. He likewise has a more youthful sibling who is a poker player.

Later on in his vocation, Antonio Esfandiari would be heard discussing how the two callings (performer and poker player) supplemented one another. As per him, being an entertainer shown him how to gauge human way of behaving. This information and abilities have extraordinarily helped him with regards to moving cards.

About the time he was engaging in high stakes poker game, he went over an individual player named Phil Laak. Both Antonio and Laak shared a table at the WSOP and Antonio was in the middle of dazzling different players with his wizardry and stunts. Be that as it may, Laak appeared to have different thoughts as he was truly attempting to sort out Antonio’s stunts which truly aggravated Antonio.

Antonio moved to one more table to stay away from Laak however Laak followed him to the new table. Ultimately, the couple got talking and before long turned out to be quick companions. Laak, otherwise called Unabomber, made the companionship a stride further by coming around to Straight Region to visit Antonio Esfandiari. When Laak was leaving, they had consented to share the space together. Strangely, both poker players went on to become renowned in the realm of poker gaming.

By 2002, Antonio has become famous at the 49’er Dash for unheard of wealth Mother lode of the WPT. During the competition, Antonio became renowned for his capacity to get under the skin of Phil Hellmuth and eventually positioned third for $44,000. This was the primary most significant competition win for Antonio, however inside a brief time frame, he began rounding up many successes. A year after the WPT, he achieved the last table of $2,000 No-Restriction Hold them poker competition during the WSOP of 2003.

In 2004, Antonio Esfandiari had a milestone effect in poker history during the L.A. Poker Exemplary in Los Angeles. Antonio the entertainer played out some fascinating poker wizardry and beat down a sum of 382 expert poker players, remembering Vinny Vinh for the heads-up play, and won the enormous $1.4 million USD in front of the pack prize.

As of now, Antonio was the most youthful poker player to at any point win the WPT occasion. Toward the finish of the game, he purchased an Armani suit and an Evade Snake with the competition prize, and from that point forward, he has gone on to become well known and a commonly recognized name inside the poker circuit.

Months after this, Antonio Esfandiari made one more terrific win, and this time, it was at the WSOP. He fantastically beat Phil Nguyen at the $2,000 Pot-Cutoff Occasion and brought back home a perfect gold arm band and a triumphant of $184,860. Close to this time, Antonio arrived at a significant conclusion about his home; he chose to move forever to Las Vegas, the core of gambling club gaming. Since the move, he has turned into an enormous piece of the poker world. It is essential to make reference to that Antonio Esfandiari was the substance of the now ancient poker site – Extreme Poker.

Antonio Esfandiari’s Live Poker Games
In the year 2004, Antonio won about $1.4 million USD and his very first WPT (World Poker Visit) title during the L.A Poker Exemplary. He went on to win his most memorable WSP (Worldwide championship of Poker) arm band two or after three months at As far as possible Texas Hold’em game. He showed up during the second and third times of Poker Whizzes Invitational Competition.

In spite of the fact that he performed inadequately at the earlier year’s competition by completing in the last spot, he had the option to make up for himself by requiring the runner up wrap up during the third season. He additionally showed up in each time of NBC’s Poker Into the evening, and GNS Series High Stakes Poker.

On the seventeenth of April, 2008, Antonio made the last table during the 2008 EPT Fabulous Last, completing in the eighth spot at Monte Carlo. He won an incredible $266,004 (€168,000). In July of 2009, Antonio Esfandiari made his greatest wrap exceptional at the Worldwide championship of Poker Headliner, completing at 24th spot of the day 8 of the competition. He won a sum of $352,832 toward the finish of the game.

In the year 2010, Antonio brought home his second WPT championship by winning the World Poker Visit Doyle Brunson Five Jewel World for a gigantic $870,000. On the third of July, 2012, he went on to win the greatest purchase in competition in the entire of poker history. He won the Huge One for One Drop, at the $1,000,000 purchase in competition occasion. He played with 47 other expert players and he beat every one of them during the game.

Toward the finish of the game, he procured a sum of $18,346,673 which turned out to be the biggest monetary reward in poker history. Around the same time, during the 2012 Worldwide championship of Poker Europe, Antonio Esfandiari won his third arm band in the €1,100 No-Restriction Hold them occasion, pounding Remi Bollengier heads to win a sum of €126,207. He likewise positioned fourth during the 2013 Worldwide championship of Poker in the One Drop Hot shot competition, which is the replacement to the Huge One Drop One he had won the earlier year. During the 2013 game, Antonio procured a sum of $1,433,438.

By 2017, Antonio Esfandiari’s complete live poker competition rewards have surpassed $27,600,000. He is positioned number 14 on the Worldwide Poker List. On the tenth January of 2016, Antonio was suspended from the 2016 PokerStars Caribbean Experience Headliner $5,300 in the wake of doing a gross demonstration. He peed in a jug because of a prop bet he made with Bill Perkins.

Antonio Esfandiari Worldwide championship of Poker Arm bands
Tournament Year Price
$2,000 Point Cutoff Hold’ Em 2004 $184,860
$a million Major One for One Drop No Restriction Hold’ Em 2012 $18,346,673
€1,100 No Restriction Hold ‘Em 2012E €126,207
*The ‘E’ following a year implies arm bands won during the Worldwide championship of Poker Europe.

World Poker Visit Titles
Tournament Year Price
$10,000 L.A. Poker Classic 2004 $1,399,135
$10,000 Doyle Brunson Five Jewel World Poker Classic 2010 $870,124

Antonio Esfandiari Top Changes out
Tournament Year Price
$100,000 No Restriction Hold Them Eight Max 2014 $575,920
$a million No Restriction Hold Em The Large One for One Drop 2012 $18,346,673
$111,111 One Drop Hot shots No Restriction Hold ‘Em 2013 $1,433,438
WPT Five Jewel World Poker Exemplary Principal Event 2010 $870,124
No Restriction Hold Them Title (WPT) 2004 2004 $1,399,135

Antonio Esfandiari Late Income
Tournament Year Price
$10,000 No Restriction Hold ‘Em 2018 $57,010
Computer aided design 5,300 No Restriction Hold Them $10 Million GTD 2018 $13,650
$1,000 No Restriction Hold Them Super $300 Bounty 2017 $998
$1,500 No Restriction Hold �






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